The "pit-in-your-stomach-that-never-ends" feeling//

The "pit-in-your-stomach-that-never-ends" feeling!and what a terrible feeling it is!

but then I remembered in the middle of my laughter, how I wanted to tell this story to you. And I was sad again. this happens all the time


but I want to wait for the one not fill the space with just anyone. So now for just discovering life until that time comes.

Eat pray love

"send him some light and love every time you think of him, then drop it." - Eat Pray Love And be peaceful in knowing you tried


People want to get butt hurt and run their mouths when they see something I post that hit home and hurt their feeling. Well bitch it wasn't about you but if the shoe fits so be it!

det är något som inte stämmer. (Sandra Beijer - Niotillfem)

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roses are red violets are blue I'm emotionally unstable please love me


you look at this and see john winchester yes? i did then i remembered that this is jeffery dean morgan as deny in grey's anatomy aka dr sexy md which happens to be dean winchester's favorite tv programme