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My Favorite Type Foundries to Find The Best Typefaces – Desk of van Schneider – Medium

Art direction: Timo GaessnerPhotography and design: Tobias FaisstThis specimen was developed by Tobias Faisst and features an excerpt of his photographic series BAU II dealing with sculptural situations in urban construction environments.

2017 Design Trends Guide on Behance

Logo Animation – Animations are more and more present in web design and they can be gifs, SVG, WebGL CSS or videos.

via Muzli design inspiration

via Muzli design inspiration. “Design Trends — Rounds” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration


Mono brand Ui Kit is a simple and stylish pack of useful elements to help you make your first web page for your daring project. By Alexey Rybin / Great Simple on Dribbble.