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Pinning to see if I can use the same yarn chg technique for crochet: For multicolor yarn that speckles instead of stripes: Alternate a dark and a light. Here, a Chevron Scarf: Two distinctly different hand dyed yarns alternated

Baby Blanket....oooh, I love this!

Ravelry: haraseiram's Baby Blanket :Co 120 on (smallish?) 6 rows garter for border, always at beg and end of row. rows(between border) then 5 rows stockingette- switch color repeat 6 rows, finish with 6 rows garter

Knitting fashion in rainbow colors 1970s

Knit dress fashion, I doubt that I could ever pull this off and I'm pretty sure wearing a long dress knit out of acrylic or wool would get pretty swampy, but at least the model seems to think she can pull it off


Ravelry: Autumn Haze pattern by Brenda York.I think I have found my winter knitting project! by Michellena

Zig Zag Baby Blanket by

Zig Zag Baby Blanket pattern by


64 Color Yarn Design Set - Graduated Earth and Sky from colorshiftyarn on etsy

Apache Tears by Sarah London

Crochet :: Apache Tears FREE Pattern Beautifully textured captivating and fascinating! Im referring to the strikingly mesmerizing Apache Tears crochet pattern.


Stripey armwarmers using graduating fingering weight sock yarn - schoppel-wolle zauberball.

Fitted Jacket with Embroidery by Kari Haugen

This elaborate pattern draws on Norwegian folk motifs to embellish this ingeniously shaped long fitted jacket.