Tea Kettle by NORM Architects

Menu Glass Kettle Teapot with Tea Egg modern coffee makers and tea kettles

simple, minimal space heater. reminds me of old school Braun design.

amazingly, a highly attractive space heater (Crane Space Heater Watt)

The Turntable | Fern & Roby

The monumental hi-fi centrepiece packs a bronze platter. US design house Fern & Roby have unveiled their striking new turntable, built to satisfy your eyes as well as your ears. One seriously heavyweight piece of kit, the turntable is …

Sabi by Yves Béhar makes taking your vitamins cool.


Yves Behar and his team at fuseproject have partnered with Sabi, a new health and wellness brand to bring high design and functionality to an overlooked market: medication and pill management products.

Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw

Easy Homestead: Book Shelf with Bicycle Stand. Great idea for dorm rooms or small apartments

Kookoo Clock by KUADRA

Kookoo Clock Collection by KUADRA

Let us show you absolutely creative clocks designed by Italian-based designer studio KUADRA. Modern-looking Kookoo Clocks as well as Fatti+in là are already being produced by the Italian

CamelBak Groove water bottle

CamelBak Groove

CamelBak Groove is CamelBak's take on the filtered water bottle.

ribbon staircase by Petr Hajek

Architecture Small Furniture For Homes Space Living Room Spaces Attic Staircase Ladder Wood Ladders Library Loft Stairs Step Home Desk Storage Beds Decor Rooms Solutions Idea Ladder Design for Small Home


Frost Produkt sought inspiration in a field full of poppies when it came time to design the Poppy series of outdoor oil lamps for Northern Lighting.

Another fireplace by Acquaefuoco

Modern Fireplaces from Acquaefuoco

Interior, Captivating Glass Fireplace With Two Side Screens Perfecting Splendid Room That Have Large Fur Rug: Glass Fireplaces Which is Very Useful Also Has A Beautiful Futuristic Design