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The day I realized that I actually resented myself for being imperfect, incomplete, and powerless over so many things is the day I began to see myself more compassionately. Always remember to love yourself first, over and above anyone else ❤

What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences?

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Buddha in Bodhi Tree. “When we resist change, it’s called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into it’s dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment


you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - the Buddha

The deeper the self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle vibrations. Yogananda, indian guru and author of The Autobiography of a Yogi

38 Awesome Buddha Quotes on Meditation, Spirituality, and Happiness

38 Awesome Buddha Quotes on Meditation , Spirituality, and Happiness “Learn this from water: loud splashes the brook but the oceans depth are calm.

There is no fire like passion,  No aversion like hatred,  No sorrow like separation,  No sickness like hunger,  And no joy like the joy of freedom.  Health is the greatest gift,   contentment is the greatest wealth,   a trusted friend is the best relative,   Nibbana is the greatest bliss.  Look within.  Be still.  Free from fear and attachment  Know the sweet joy of the way.  ~ The Buddha ~

Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can. Just one smile or kind gesture can make a world of by janet