The key to privacy isn't necessarily to obstruct the view entirely but merely to screen views.

Arbors with Fences

I want a fence made so flowers and ivy can grow and spread across it. arbor with gate and fence would be lovely for the garden space between the two houses, with a winding path leading to the sunroom.

Green Walls: Trellised Vines + Espalier Trees

Some of our other gardens including beautiful planting combinations & pots, paving & fencing details, banks & hills & walls, privacy planting

new fence please

Backyard fence idea - for support of vines and climbing bloomers

Border garden for long stretches of fence, which I certainly have plenty of.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas For Back Yard - Bing Images

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Free-standing trellis and fence panel

The Tages garden: Trellis of rebar

I Tages trädgård: Spaljé av armeringsjärn Garden trellis made of rebar

Skärma av med klätterväxter

Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants providing privacy for your patio.

dark screens for privacy


Pedersen Associates-Residential-Berkeley, CA - traditional - landscape - san francisco - by Pedersen Associates

Med några stora och stadiga balkonglådor på golvet kan du inreda med dekorativa och lättskötta klätterväxter.

17 fina inredningstips till balkongen

Simplistic white patio furniture against a feature wall.

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641ff183f6eb8b2a98b56c781de9fbb7.jpg 1 136 × 852 pixlar