☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Style ~ Jewelry .. Ring

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Style ~ Jewelry .

i was like oooh pretty! its too much like a white rose and white rose is intimidating because of "president Snow".

Wood Turtle, Wood Rings, Writing, Jewellery, Turtle Necklace, Lust, Absolutely Stunning, Turtles, Fall

Wood Turtle, Wood Rings, Resins, Writing, Turtle Necklace, Turtles, Jewellery, Shells, Absolutely Stunning

Handmade jewellery with miniature mystery worlds inside them. Every ring is unique and one of a kind - made from finest fresh wood/silver and jewellery resin!

In Secret Wood’s Enchanting Pendants, Turtles Carry the World on Their Backs [Sponsored]