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roller coaster ride on the projector ≈≈ what an innovative idea

Classroom Organization

A new year, a new classroom!

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vervoermiddel plaat

vervoermiddel plaat

Tracing letters

Rockabye Butterfly: Letter A

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars. Create your own shaped road tracks using black sandpaper. Teach your toddler or preschooler their shapes with a triangle, square, circle, rectangle, pentagon and octagon road track.

Learning Shapes With Toy Cars

The manipulative for this weeks is small toys. I couldn't resist making a play activity based on Adam's favourite small toy of all time - the toy car! we have very few shape adventures I decided to create a Learning Shapes With Toy Cars activity.

Magneetbord gemaakt van wereldkaart.  (Uit: Wonen met kinderen, 2012)

World map magnet board. Every kid deserves a map of the world!


Note the Kraft paper with provocation in proximity to the construction area. Construction Play area via Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning ≈≈

A magnetic wall at Syrenen ≈≈

A magnetic wall at Syrenen

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Primary World Transportation Cards