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Janina Engström

Janina Engström
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I heart Odd Molly

Odd Molly, Mori Girl, Folk, Cotton, Women's, Popular, Fork, People

Odd Molly knitted cardigan and legwarmers in Det Nye no.

"Blowing in the wind" - Odd Molly multi cardigan and silk panties in Olga & Oliver Italy, September 2009

Odd Molly printed silk dress in Femina Denmark, March 2010

Odd Molly printed silk dress in Lux Woman Portugal, January 2010

Modern folklore - Odd Molly coat in Amelia Sweden December 2007

Odd Molly knitted cardigan and embroidered dress in KK Norway September 2007

Odd Molly multicolored knit in Menaiset Finland November 2008

"Pretty ethno" - Odd Molly lace dress and coat with embroideries in Frauen Switzerland, November 2010

Odd Molly cardigan in Chic Sweden, October 2009

Odd Molly pleated dress in Henne Norway August 2007

Odd Molly multicolored patchwork dress in Trendi Finland November 2008

Odd Molly dress in Tu Style Italy, January 2010

Odd Molly dresses and cardigans in Castros Germany, October 2009