A Small Contemporary Garden - Woodpecker Garden and Landscape Designs

A Small Contemporary Garden - Woodpecker Garden and Landscape Designs. Ideal for a small back yard

Snygg kruka med rolig växt.

I'd like this on the side of the driveway. Love the long narrow pot! Horsetail reed in recycled wood containers. Timbers from a demo deck. Like the reeds.


Växthus ~ Greenhouse (Lilla Blanka)

Front porch don't: lovely old brick porch being taken over by greenery.it will pull the porch down on top of itself if not contained.~~~ Love the wild feeling this porch evokes~~~

En sån blomlåda!!

Drömmen om en pergola – 9 underbara pergolor med eller utan tak

Dahlia 'Snowflake'

Dahlia 'Snowflake' - too pretty to be real. My grandma always loved dahlias, but I have never tried them.

rostig spalje

Are you looking for a stylish wooden trellis? Or, you& better install trellis panels and large pots with climbing roses nearby?

Landet Krokus: vitlysning En ny favorit för året. Sol till halvskugga. Vitlysingen, Lysimachia clethroides. Vitlysing är en perenn växt med höga spiror som längts ut i toppen blir en aning böjd. Spirorna får massor av små vita blommor och blommar på senare halvan av sommaren.Vitlysingen blir upp till 80 cm men det finns även mindre, knubbigare sorter som är lite nyare.

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Pioner och daggkåpa. Rosa pioner (blommar juni-juli) och daggkåpa (blommar juni).

***Backyard*** Here is where I'll place grass and flowers and stuff on the edges n back of the house

Pink Poppies

These are gorgeous! Difficult to start from seed, if you try to hard. Worth figuring out.