Jannicke Larsson

Jannicke Larsson

Jannicke Larsson
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“Liminal Moment by Bobbette Rose – Encaustic Monotype on Paper.

Liminal Moment by Bobblayers, each time laying the paper down on the heated plate. In the final stage she often paints back into the image with a oil paint and a brush. Japanese washi paper used for this process, then matt and frame them under glass.

18 spaljéväggar som skapar rum i trädgården - Alltomtradgard

Cable wires mounted between fence posts create a sturdy support for climbing plants providing privacy for your patio.

Mrs. Kamp's Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: 7th Grade

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!: Grade set up 4 still lifes- contour drawing and then rule in to 4 sections. Complete with 4 mediums.