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Jarkko Kehanen
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Vikings: #Viking #ship.

They came out of the mist on an icy wind, and froze the blood of weaker men. -A drakkar, the Viking ship-of-choice, so named for the dragon head carved onto the prowl.

Black and white angels themed sleeve #tattoo. | via tattooties.com

The best holy tattoos in our Top 10 list. Tattooties collected the best tattoos from the best tattoo artists. The body is the canvas.

Swallow musical tattoo sleeve - 50 Lovely Swallow Tattoos  <3 <3

swallow tattoo sleeve by rohan begolo at soul inn house tattoo swallow musical tattoo sleeve

celtic clock tattoo - Google zoeken

Check Out 25 Amazing Biomechanical Tattoos Design. Then I’m sure these 25 amazing biomechanical tattoos design that I have collected for you will make you want to get one as soon as possible.