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The harder you work for something the greater you will feel the more satisfied went you achieve it because you actually did it with hard work .


Work For It

Work for it! Browse our collection of inspirational exercise quotes and get instant fitness and weight loss motivation. Transform positive thoughts into positive actions and get fit, healthy and happy!

tripped hard

I actually fell for you before I even realized it. But you love her not me. I need to except you are only my best frrinx nothing else will ever happen with us. But I love you

Everything you do now is for your future. Think about that.

Everything you do now is for your future. Think about...

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Stop doubting yourself, work hard, and make it happen. The only person stopping you is yourself. Throw aside the doubt and start making your dreams a reality.

Seriously, this is IMPORTANT to learn people. Believe it, LIVE IT. It's real.

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billigt jävla skitvin

"Life's far too short to drink cheap shit wine and to cry over boys who don't care"