Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Style worthy of that luxurious tux he's sporting and enjoying his Potato Vodka. Leonardo is truly a man of class and privilege. Leonardo is Looking handsome in his tuxedo

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Never thought Mary would find someone I'd like her with (almost) as much as Matthew, but she did - I love Mary and Henry! Downton Abbey Season Six - Lady Mary and Henry Talbot, Season Six

Divine Downton Abbey

i feel like either a) i was born in the wrong era, b) i want to be in a movie or show that is set in fancy dress time periods, or c) time travel should be a vacation option cause i want to wear this! (Mary in Downton Abbey)

My bridesmaids will wear flapper dresses. i want to incorporate head pieces and necklaces even though we cant find flapper


Downton is more than fashion inspiration. It's world inspiration. It's "I don't have good TV reception so I actually look forward to Mondays so I can watch Downton Abbey" kind of inspiration.

Tom pours champagne for Edith (who is flanked by Isobel & Rose) to celebrate a successful church bazaar, and the return of Lord Grantham from America, summer

draytonhall: English actress Poppy Drayton is a descendant of John Drayton, the builder of Drayton Hall. She will be in tonight’s episode of Downton Abbey. Poppy Drayton as Madeleine Allsopp in Downton Abbey (Series 4 Christmas Special,

Downton Abbey

Dame Maggie Smith played Professor Minerva McGonagall in 8 "Harry Potter" movies and Lady Violet Crosby in six seasons on "Downton Abbey", all the while suffering from breast cancer. Just like the characters she brought to life, she is one tough lady.

Jane Moorsum (Clare Calbraith) is a maid at Downton Abbey. She is a widow as her husband died during World War I. From the start it is clear that Lord Grantham finds Jane attractive and he takes a great interest in the education of her son, Freddie.

Which "Great Gatsby" Character Are You?

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most perfect person to play Jay Gatsby. I don't know why other Gatsby movies were ever made when it's obvious that Leo IS Gatsby.