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Organize Anything with Pegboard: 14 Ideas and Tips

Pegboard is everywhere-panels, hooks, doodads, you name it. Every hand tool in the hardware store is hanging on pegboard. Every bag of bolts, roll of duct tape and tin of Tic Tacs at the checkout counter-pegboarded. Even the pegboard hooks hang on pegboard hooks. But that should come as no surprise. Retailers want a display system that's sturdy, easy to rearrange and adaptable-the same qualities you need in your work spaces at home.

Negócios de Costura/Criativo

Conheça alguns pontos essenciais para o crescimento de seu negócio criativo.

16 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas

16 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas If you are like me, your craft room could use a little love when it comes to organization. Here is a list of 16 Amazing Craft Room Organization Ideas that are simple and will make a world of difference. 1. This Mason Jar Storage Shelf is the perfect idea for all the small odds and ends that need a place to go. 2. This is a perfect idea for great Yarn Storage. 3. What a cute way to Store and Organize Ribbon. A great space saver as well. 4. What a great…

Organize Anything with Pegboard: 14 Ideas and Tips

Retailers want a display system that's sturdy, and adaptable -the same qualities you need in your home. Use pegboards!

Large Framed Pegboard to Organize Your Craft Room - Jennifer Maker

Need to organize your craft room or studio? Make this easy and pretty large framed pegboard for your wall to organize everything! This step-by-step tutorial includes directions on how to paint, frame, and mount this giant pegboard for maximum durability and strength!

Tutorial on Building a Design Wall – Angela Pingel

My sewing life has been infinitely improved recently with the addition of a new design wall. I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to have a place to layout your quilt where neither small children nor cats can run across it and destroy all your hard work. I can easily see where I need to make changes in scrappy quilts (where the colors might be unbalanced, etc) and all the pieces are kept nicely pressed. It also motivates me to work on the quilt on the wall because it is right…

How to Make a Pretty Sliding Barn Door DIY

Okay. you may be tired of seeing my sliding door projects, but this one is the last. My master bath is really small and the door opens into the room making it e…

How to Make a Blanket Ladder (Quilt Ladder) for Under $15

Make a beautiful wooden blanket ladder for under $15. It’s an easy one day project that will allow you to display beautiful quilts or blankets in the open and make them easily accessible.

Final modifications to studio, submitted to builder!

Thank you for all the suggestions to my original layout plan for my upcoming studio. I made several revisions, and the plan was delivered to the

41 Trendy craft organization room cutting tables

quilt display

I've been wanting to display this beautiful old patchwork quilt for a while. The large wall along the stairway seemed the perfect place. ...

Easy, Inexpensive DIY Roll-Away Quilting Design Wall!

Easy, cheap! DIY roll-away quilting design wall tutorial by Sew at Home Mummy (also a great site for other easy, cheap sewing studio and home DIY projects!)

Design Wall

This is a pre-made design wall by Fons&Porter. This worked out better for me than the insulation board. I had this curtain rod set already. Looking forward to using it!