vintage mirrors

Would be beautIful in a bathroom. love the idea of using multiple vintage hand held mirrors as wall decorations. However, I would turn the mirrors toward the wall and enjoy the lovely designs on the back sides or alternate.


Guild Wars Antique Map by ~Jenosavel on deviantART : Part of dA's mythical cartography feature.

Antique Iron

~ “Antique Sad Iron” ~ my grandmother used hers as a door stop

Iconic Antique Original Tulip Tiffany Lamp   By: Paris Couture Antiques

Iconic Antique Original Tulip Tiffany Lamp By: Paris Couture Antiques. usually not into tiffany style, but this is just beautiful.

old french letters

old french letters a little mail art inspiration, gearing up for the…

Antique silver mask.

Items similar to Silver Venetian masquerade mask with brown feathers to fit over eyeglasses on Etsy

Traveling clock watch with alarm, ca. 1680

Traveling clock-watch with alarm Watchmaker: Thomas Tompion. 1680 Culture: British, London Medium: Case: pierced and engraved silver; Movement: gilded brass, silver, and steel, partly blued

Antique irons

Flat Irons (Sad Irons) I have one that I think was my grandma's that I currently use as a doorstop!