vintage mirrors

Would be beautIful in a bathroom. love the idea of using multiple vintage hand held mirrors as wall decorations. However, I would turn the mirrors toward the wall and enjoy the lovely designs on the back sides or alternate.


Guild Wars Antique Map by ~Jenosavel on deviantART : Part of dA's mythical cartography feature.

Antique Iron

"sad" iron My grandmother had a lot of these hanging from the rafters in her cellar. She would go down there to iron. She had a stove down there too that she heated the irons on.

Iconic Antique Original Tulip Tiffany Lamp   By: Paris Couture Antiques

Iconic Antique Original Tulip Tiffany Lamp By: Paris Couture Antiques. usually not into tiffany style, but this is just beautiful.

old french letters

old french letters a little mail art inspiration, gearing up for the zine workshop at the Gardner Museum this weekend!

Traveling clock watch with alarm, ca. 1680

Traveling clock-watch with alarm Watchmaker: Thomas Tompion. 1680 Culture: British, London Medium: Case: pierced and engraved silver; Movement: gilded brass, silver, and steel, partly blued

Antique irons

Flat Irons (Sad Irons) I have one that I think was my grandma's that I currently use as a doorstop!