Scandi Decorating ideas How do Scandinavians manage to be so minimalist. Do they own less? Have they got a secret cupboard filled to the brim? It's more likely, their take on storage. Sleek, compact and ultra chic - Scandi's know a thing or two about how to keep clutter away from the bedroom Try having one statement mid-century piece like this side table too. For a modern twist, give it a lick of crisp white paint and add wicker or wired baskets to store away trinkets.

how to decorate your bedroom scandi style

A circular mirror helps break up more linear lines. cleanandcrisp airyspace interiordesign - Decoration for House

Contemporary Wardrobe Design. Vintage, modern, luxury or eclectic closet. Wich are you favourites? See some decor tips for your own interior projects, walk in closets and wardrobes here:

These tips and inspiration photos will help you create a beautiful monochrome mudroom, for a black and white entry way that is welcoming and fresh.