Cool vases. Would be pretty with string lights inside for outdoors.

DIY Glittery Pink Vases by Icing Designs DIY Glittery Pink Vases In Navy and Coral of course! Really want fantastic helpful hints regarding arts and crafts?


Inverted wine glasses as candle holders is such a cute idea, and the roses really make it gorgeous. The possibilities are endless, and wineglasses are CHEAP. wineglasses can even be plastic


Gift wrapping a flower pot in a simple paper - what a great idea!


Simple and pretty - Bottle vases - White flowers

Simple and elegant - great centerpiece idea

Outdoor wedding - floral centerpieces - flowers in champagne glasses beautiful floral design by blush botanicals

Simple, elegant.

Party Centerpieces

Balloon Centerpiece , Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Balloon Centerpieces and

spray painted bottles!

all the pretty things: pink flowers in white painted vases (made from regular bottles and jars).

hyacint i glasburk

An alternative to flames for Advent. Start a bulb each week.

To hurry Spring.....force tiny daffodil or other bulbs you love....!!!!!!

To hurry Spring.force tiny daffodil or other bulbs you love.


Aqua Blue jars and Queen Anne's Lace from Air Kiss. Beautiful combo, blue jars and white flowers.

elisabeth heier: GÅRSDAGEN

table settings with simple flowers & jars