Long story short: oil.

Here’s How I Got Rid Of My Acne Once And For All

Organic Mineral Makeup -Clear Skin Minerals: Frustrated With Your Oily Skin? Maybe More Oil Wil.


The new Photoshop…

See what highlighting and contour can do? Why can't every girl know this? (tip: when you do highlight and contour you dont need that much eye, lip, blush makeup as she is; that is why you do it so you have a more natural look)

Using Young living Essential Oils to create a great DIY all natural essential oil face serum that helps reduce fine lines and even out skin tones.

Easy DIY Essential oil face serum recipe

Essential Oil DIY Recipe/ Essential Oil Face Serum/ Essential Oil Face Serum Recipe/ Lavender/ Lemon/ Frankincense/ Essential oil face serum recipe that helps reduce the look of fine lines.

Great ways to use essential oil ~~ that everyone can do! These are great ways…

How a Normal Person Uses Essential Oils

If you've ever wanted to get started using essential oils but didn't want to waste money, this is the guide for you. How a normal person uses essential oils effectively.