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spiral stairs / home library-I still miss the wrought iron spiral staircase in my apt back in Portland ME.

Trappa med blocksteg i New England stil

Best visual so far of window in stairwell + possible downstairs access where closet door is

Om spiralutrymningstrappor - gamla fina nätta i gjutjärn isf. Som tillför ngt positivt och som inte tar upp för mkt plats eller ljus/sol!

Our stairs are made of cast iron and are an exact cast of the original French spiral staircase.

Packhus - SPIRALTRAPPA gjutjärn

Un apartamento perfecto en París con toques de amarillo · A perfect apartment in Paris with pops of yellow (VINTAGE & CHIC)

Spiraltrappa Civik svart

Fantastic contemporary spiral DIY staircase kit, enhancing the use if steel within the home.