Feng Shui - Inredning i balans


DIFFICULT ROADS OFTEN LEAD TO BEAUTIFUL DESTINATONS. If youre in need of a little extra positivity in your life, this printable wall art featuring a well known inspirational quote will be a beautiful reminder of what really matters. while also making t


Monster don't sleep under your bed they sleep inside your head. Our mind feels us bad thangs, that is y a lot of people mess up in life bc the evil is taking over there thoughts

love this one! "I dont know where I am, but I am not lost" in swedish...

"I dont know where I am, but I am not lost" in swedish.this would be a sweet quote to have around my neck. Especially in Swedish because I'm Swedish.

Bildresultat för roliga citat om solen

De finns i allafall inte i Finland-This quote is actually Swedish