Here is a GREAT lesson on making a circle graph inspired by a great piece of math literature.  Very motivating for students!

The Elementary Math Maniac: Monday Math Literature Volume 37 - how to make a circle graph

Större än, mindre än

This fun comparison game uses gator visuals for inequality signs. Partners place number cards in this speed battle game.

Division printable

A printable map depicting 4 biomes in the United States: deciduous forest, coniferous forest, desert, and grassland.

multiplication flash cards

On this page you'll find a collection of free printable multiplication flash cards for kids. The flash cards cover time tables 1 -

A set of printable multiplication flash cards for kids based on the 12 times tables.

Here you will find my collection of Math Printables, including math worksheets and templates for elementary school kids and teachers.

Matematik formelblad.pdf – OneDrive

Matematik formelblad.pdf – OneDrive