Anything that makes stuff disappear is a keeper (and worth sharing!( #StorageBench #DIYBench

Make Storage Multitask (pool area?) Solve two outdoor problems -- a lack of seating and of storage -- at once. Transform wooden chests with paint and custom cushions made of waterproof foam and fabric. (For backyard toys, gardening stuff, and pool chems)

Skåpet som min morfar har byggt är en favorit här hemma. Fullt av porslin för vardag som fest....

Skåp av gamla fönster (My Lovely Things!)

ellas inspiration - - inredning för ditt hem & trädgård!

Together with the Swedish house producer Sommarnöjen, sandellsandberg designed the first “Attefall-house” - a 25 sqm house contains all facilities you need