Betonglampa PET-flaska

DIY Concrete light: Cool as all get out, but don't let that tish fall on your countertops.


Gold mug. Projects that can make a brushed nickel lover rethink gold: 7 DIY Projects For A Gilded Table


I love roses. What a great idea to pick up the beautiful fall leaves in Lubbock or wherever you live to make these unique fall leaf roses.

Itty bitty wire trellis!

DIY GARDEN :: Window box w/ homemade curly stakes made from wire for your creeping plants to grow up!

Tutorial via Skinnylaminx Voy investigando más el tema..transfers!

fabulous tutorial all about transferring images onto ceramic ware – care of skinny laminx need to find screen printer with vitrifying ink

Buketter med lavendel håller insekter och flugor borta.

Building A Chicken Coop - hanging lavender keeps the flies out. Need to hang this in my chicken coops! - Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.