Jenny Möller
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Tapissière à l'ancienne, restauration de meubles et marqueterie d'art. Upholstery

L'atelier de la Marquise : crapaud // interesting / diy images for reupholstering down to the bones of a piece

Kat gør det selv møbler

♥ Cool Pet Furniture ♥ The Catframe combines a contemporary wood cat tree, sisal rope scratching posts, cubby holes, soft pads for kneading and sleeping, and last but certainly not least – storage for all kitties toys and treats.

How to Build a Space-Saving Spice Rack

With the wasted space between your fridge and the wall, see how to build a sliding spice rack in your kitchen, freeing up pantry space and cabinets.

Knife Sharpening Tip From a Master Bladesmith: Apply Adequate Pressure

There’s a big difference between running your knife along a sharpening stone and actually sharpening it. Here’s how much pressure a Master Bladesmith recommends you need when you’re sharpening a knife with a whetstone.