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Age: She represents me and many other Hispanic young adult females, who are dedicated in order to make family proud

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Short hair, don’t care ! Styling short hair isn’t as hard as you think ! added tousled curls to her mane to accentuate the awesome layers and colors of her locks ! Get a similar look with any of our wands!

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Mornin' beauties Woke up early to Black Friday shop ONLINE because there is no way in hell I am going near a mall today. To those who are good luck try not to kill anyone or get trampled by a shopaholic & go buy some goodies x by nadia_mejia

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Eye Makeup - Makenzie Wilder can do no wrong! Her warm, smoky was achieved with our Warm Neutrals Palette. A pop of teal complements things nicely! // - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup