Gorgeous color for shade: cimicifuga, brunnera, and galium. Bland rosor och bladlöss: Dina bästa bladkombinationer!

Cimicifuga, Brunnera and Sweet Woodruff: a wonderful planting for a shade garden. - Great plants for shade, but be careful, sweet woodruff is VERY invasive and difficult to get rid of once planted!

Build small seating area with cushion storage in benches?

Stylish festoon lights from Danish company House Doctor. Add these stylish LED lights to a yard or back garden for instant feature lighting. The modern concrete and wood really works in this photo. Glass votives, tealights, metal plantpots and fabrics all


Back Yard Hostas - Native to eastern Asia, hosta came to the United States in the Hostas are prized in the shade garden for their large leaves in different shapes and colors of green, deep blue or creamy variegated. Love my hostas!


Vår trädgård idag…

A way to grow vines up the side of the house without having them root on your siding or ruin the mortar of bricking.