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5 Of My Favorite Indoor Houseplants | With Love

Here's my philosophy on houseplants, I believe that with the right styling (the right pot in the right environment) any plant can look beautiful and add an incredible warmth and statement to a room. The Rubber Plant.

The houseplants in this list are special, they are bold and pretty. Some of the most unique, beautiful indoor plants you should grow!

Fiddle Leaf Fig - We couldn’t complete this list without adding fiddle leaf fig. Fiddle leaf is a tall, appealing houseplant with glossy, leathery foliage. This large houseplant can change the look of any room.

Found it at Wayfair - Hookton Wicker Storage Basket with Lid

Beachcrest Home Hook

Set Of 2 Moroccan Pouf (unstuffed), High Leather Quality #Unbranded #ArtsCraftsMissionStyle

Gold pouf , silver pouf and bronze pouf Those Moroccan Poufs are wonderful ottomans used for seating. This type of furniture can go by many names, such as hassock, tuffet , and of course ottoman. Outside the United States itâ?s more commonly .