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Julia Grönwall
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Lol I'm scorpio & I'll much rather squeeze them in your

When life gives you lemons. Make orange juice and make everyone wonder how you did it: TAURUS, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra

That was redundant. But still. I won't break down no matter how much I want to unless I feel safe and comfortable doing so. That being said, only my mom and Ari have seen me break down. I refuse to bare my soul to others. Not until I know they will understand. I'm sorry, Lilia and Kat, but I just need more time before I can feel safe breaking down in front of you.

A Virgo is very strong mentally. They don’t like to be seen as weak. This is their blessing & their curse because when they want to break down, they don’t (even when they want to). Not always true, but very close!

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When stressed out they start overthinking creating problems that never existed, and just driving themselves crazy in the process.

Important promise

I recently made a promise to myself, to always do things that make me feel beautiful. Not for anyone else, but for me. So today I put on red lipstick and brushed my fringe, and then just sat in front