Thanksgiving treats - easy to make

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This is funny. If youre ride a Vespa, might as well dress it up with a VW Microbus!

A Vespa scooter with VW campervan sidecar! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar, and LOVE VW buses!

Vacation, woot!

FatWallet Giveaways: Win a $1000 Vacation from Expedia!

A hummingbird made out of shattered CD's.  Pretty cool.

In his mixed media sculptures of animals and insects artist Sean Avery creates fur and feathers using meticulously layered fragments of broken CDs. (via Animal Sculptures Made from Shattered CDs

Elaborate body art like this is cool but also kinda creeps me out.

Funny pictures about Human Flamingo. Oh, and cool pics about Human Flamingo. Also, Human Flamingo photos.

Cool vegetable MRI's.

Beautiful Animations Showing MRI Scans of Fruits and Vegetables


Funny Photoshop Animal Hybrids Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

This is an image of a "water wig" made from a water balloon bursting on a guys head. I imagine a time elapse camera is also at work here. Reall cool!

'The Mohawk II': The recruiting of tattooed and charismatic bald men helped add to the humour of the photographic shoot


Funny pictures about Types of Vampires. Oh, and cool pics about Types of Vampires. Also, Types of Vampires.

I used to drive my parents crazy doing this.

For those who are tone-deaf but love to entertain dinner guests, there are Musical Wine Glass. The musical wine glasses are etched with.

Broccoli MRI Animation

Beautiful Animations Showing MRI Scans of Fruits and Vegetables

MRI of broccoli - 20 MRI Scans of Fruits and Vegetables. These Are Both Mesmerizing and Vaguely Terrifying.

World's smallest lizard...this is real.

Mom Amazing Kids: This newly discovered species from Madagascar is called Brookesia Micra and it's now officially recognized as the world's smallest chameleon and possibly the smallest reptile ever.