Have You Seen Alexander Skårsgard's Cat-Hugging Christmas Card?

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Book Info: Forgetting Things Author: Sigmund Freud Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Publication Date: June 2005 Genre: Fiction Design Info: Designer: David Shrigley Art_director: John Hamilton Art_director: Jim Stoddart Typeface: Hand Lettered

Though it feels like forever sometimes, the time with your children is fleeting...enjoy every moment, enjoy every stage.  The bad parts of every stage go away quickly, the good parts do the same.  Don't wish the moments away!

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Instead of picturing a daunting 18 years with each child, look at how short each period is when broken up. Time goes by so fast. Cherish every moment.

Tisdag och allsmäktighet

Little old man, is it you or me that can bleed for five days without dying? I'm god damn allmighty.

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Breastfeeding Mom Learns Victoria's Secret Doesn't Always Support Boobs

I nurse in public all the time and I don't care if it makes people uncomfortable! It's such a natural thing but most people don't think so cause they don't know the many benefits of it to both mom and baby

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World’s Okayest Mom mug — plus coffee, tea, cocoa, or booze. (This Mom would love some Sumatra coffee & Bailey's Irish Cream.