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15 More Awesome Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas | Cool DIY Homesteading Projects by Pioneer Settler at

How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Coop theownerbuilderne. Keep your chooks safe from predatory animals and get free eggs in return with this chicken coop you can build right in your backyard.

guitar scales chart

Guess what? This is a massively over-complicated look into guitar scales, major scales, and pentatonic scales and how to use them. Want to know some more efficient ways to go about using this stuff? Check out my article at this link:

Jimi Hendrix . . . I am in love with this photograph.

Jimi's Marshalls and Fuzz Face.BUT - it makes Jimi look Right handed! if u flip the negative over, Marshall would b spelled backwards!

jimi hendrix.

Rock music such as Jimi Hendrix-style electric guitar excites us because it recreates the sound of primal distress calls and 'brings out the animal in us', scientists claim.