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Solarpowered ebike

Solarpowered ebike

Coolant Testing with a Multimeter

Perform a quick diagnostic test for corrosion in your water pump, radiator or heater core with a digital multimeter. A simple test of the radiator coolant for conductivity will tell the story.

Bendable Bike by Kevin Scott  A young designer has invented a revolutionary folding bicycle that will stop thieves in their tracks.Kevin Scott, 21, designed the space-age bike that wraps around a lamp post so it can be locked-up safely – without the need for a lock or chain.

Bendable Bike - Kevin Scott is a 21 years old designer who created this revolutionary folding bicycle that you can literally wrap around any post, and keep your entire bike safe with just one lock.

Brutsch Mopetta 2 stroke 50cc, 1956

Latest drawing: Our monster's driving a Brütsch Mopetta , which I first saw in this picture in Object's Top 20 Bubble Car list. What a lovely little car, what a fine little pipe chappie. Gosh, it makes a good wind-up toy noise, too:

That's not a bike. THIS is a bike. (But maybe not quite for the Tour De France)

The Say hello to the “Hydrofiets,” the latest creation from Portland-based builder Tom LaBonty. The bike was commissioned by Woodlawn neighborhood resident Ethan Jewett for use by his company Stickeen Brand Services.