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Joel Sandén

Joel Sandén
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#glitch #art #design #graphic #noise #glitchart  #distortion #pixel #pixelsorting  Pixel Sorting. Amanda Bynes Mug shot  Rickard Nilsson.

Amanda Bynes Mug shot Rickard Nilsson.

#playlist Damn Monday Session: Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You. /// Glitch art by David Szauder.

Lost fragments- Failed memories by david szauder Eva's glamour "One day she wasnt able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the chaimpgne she become paranoid.

#typography #poster ~ Black Comedy

~ Black Comedy My daughter was asked opening night to play the part of the electrician "Shupinzig" due to an unavoidable drop out of the play.she accepted and the play went on without a hitch!