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Johan Danielsson

Johan Danielsson
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Кресло-качалка для двоих своими руками.Недавно в Интернете нашла очень интересную информацию о том, как сделать кресло-качалку своими руками. На фотографиях все достаточно понятно изображено. Предлагаю вам эту идею.

Rocking-chair for two the hands. Recently found very interesting information on how to make a rocking-chair with own hands in the Internet.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Not exactly a bottle, but a recycled book! Love the red valve - it actually turns the light on and off! Very submariner-like. Gives new meaning to the term "book light.

Wall mounted Whisky Dispenser

A wall-mounted Whisky Dispenser . It's industrial design is complete with 30 year old Lincolnshire Oak Base, stainless steel pipe, a brass tap and copper breather. This could be a unique addition to your bar or the perfect gift for a Whisky lover.

Browse unique items from ManMadeForManCave on Etsy, a global marketplace of handmade, vintage and creative goods.

Hand made copper dispensers, flasks and other products! by ManMadeForManCave

Handmade Toy Wooden Barn: a DIY project with the plan template

For our son's first birthday, we built him a toy wooden barn. Here are our DIY guidelines to anyone who feels inspired to build a handmade toy barn.

Lamp made from an old Stanley wood plane, and old hand drill brace

There are professional home building contractors that have a large collection of home remodeling tools they can use to complete a job properly.

lampe rabot en chene et villebrequin

For Dad or would he say that it's a waste of good tools?