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simple and lovely

I crave you in the most innocent form. I crave you to say good night and give you forehead kisses and say that I adore you when you feel at your worst. I crave you in ways where I just want to be next to you and nothing more or less

Grandmas Dreams

Such an adorable kitty Is this breed a naturally occurring breed or something that bred for by man? I wonder how many spinal issues the breed sad how humans have to change animals and create breeds to suite their own taste.

"I'll make it worth it..."....Thank you, Baby! Love your stories, R! You know what? I can read between the lines, so no problem. I believe that behind your words and stories, is the real YOU...I love you so much, Love! Funny, I was thinking the same thing - every day that goes by, I am aging...But who cares? Haha...Teka mas matanda yata ako sayo, diba, so.... I love you so much, R... :) <3

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Can you feel me missing you? Because I miss you so much it hurts...all the time...

Can you feel me missing you? Because I miss you so much it hurts./I hope your having a good day. I sure am missing you, sometimes it kinda makes it hard to breathe. I love you.