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How to Straighten a Deer Antler for a Knife Handle | Gone Outdoors | Your Adventure Awaits

Many deer antlers are too curved to be used as-is for knife handles, but you can straighten them so that they can accept the tang of a blade. Once you've straightened an antler, you can prepare .

Great idea for when the grandchildren visit!

Elf house on a tree! That would be cute in the garden, especially in the tree over grown with ivy. How about some battery tea lights in the windows during outdoor parties. I hear the fairies/elves whispering "home school project" in my ear.

Andrzej Woronowski Custom Knives: [TUTORIAL] How to make a simple leather sheath?

CHAPTER 1 - Designing a leather sheath Designing a leather sheath is in my opinion far way more complicated that designing a kydex s.

Garden Trellis made with sticks. Could also make one using Bamboo!

Garden Trellis made with sticks you can find in the woods or even on the sidewalks of your neighborhood (especially after a windy day!) I want to build this gothic trellis.

How to Make Hole Punch Signs With Pepsi Tins

Make the signs each a little different and add interest. How to Make Hole Punch Signs With Pepsi Tins by Violet Yestrau-Kolt.