Excelente idea contra la ventana y no consume mucho espacio.

Small Space Secrets: Go Long and Low with a Console

13 Clever Built-Ins for Small Spaces. A long, low console (or in this case, a bookshelf) under a window is a great way to make the most of a space.

An elegant Stockholm pad with fab windows | my scandinavian home | Bloglovin’

An elegant Stockholm pad with fab windows (my scandinavian home)

I showed you a great example of a glas partition between the hallway and kitchen the other day and this is yet another gorgeous showcase of how a glas can divide two rooms while still letting in the light.

Reading corner with small bookshelf, orange, industrial floor lamp and midcentury grey armchair

Step Inside a Historic London Flat With Hip Style

Apartments, Awesome Exclusively Scandinavian & Parisian Apartments In White : Scandinavian Apartment Organic Natural Wood Storage ~ dartbits.com

Apartment, Scandinavian Apartment Organic Natural Wood Storage: Featuring 3 Apartments 2 In Scandinavian Style And 1 In Parisian Style

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Alternate to heavy velvet armchair is blue/teal or yellow retro but light armchair Danish Modern Lounge Chair