Ultimate Shadowhunter

Ultimate Shadowhunter

I'm a shadowhunter girl that lives with my mundane family in Sweden :P ♡books is life♡
Ultimate Shadowhunter
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JACE & ALEC ❤❤❤❤

From taratjah . alexander 'alec' lightwood, jace herondale, the mortal instruments. This is what Jace is supposed to look like.not movie Jace.

about to spam with a lot of textposts & other the Mortal instruments stuff :) be prepared to die of the feels

I lived,I cried, I felt, I experienced, and I may or may not throw the last book against the wall

Why?? To endure the pain all over again??!! I really do love the books though they are amazing

and right now my bff is reading it and i can't spoil it arr.