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Watermelon Frosty!

Watermelon Frosty : 2 cups frozen watermelon cubes cup water 2 Tbsp maple syrup 1 large lemon, squeezed (lime juice also works very well! use 2 limes) 1 fresh banana optional: 2 shots of tequila (or sub with more water or fruit juice) Summer fun!

Cheesecake dip

A quick and easy dessert idea! Fresh strawberry, blueberry and angel food cake skewers with a Cheesecake Yogurt Dip.For the cheesecake dipping sauce: 4 oz less fat cream cheese, softened 1 cup fat free Greek yogurt 1 tsp vanilla cup raw sugar

Lemons will stay fresh for months if you keep them in a covered   container filled with cold water in the refrigerator. Be sure the   container has a tight fitting lid! Change the water every week or so.

Drink Lemon Water Drinking lemon water has amazing health benefits. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and they also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral powers. By adding a squeeze of lemon to your water and drinking it, you.