handmade light fixture - 'elemental no.3'

Elemental no.3 - light fixture

Visit : A fashion designer atelier in Berlin

This Berlin apartment belongs to Frank Leder, a fashion designer. Frank remodeled this former West-Berlin space into his working atelier.


Hanging scroll with objects. The Stuff of LIfe by Hilary Robertson, Photography by Anna Williams

Mark Eden Schooley Lamp.

The ethereal beauty of the Koushi Lamp designed by photographer Mark Eden Schooley

Atollo Opal Table Lamp

Atollo Opal Table Lamp

<ul><li>Satin Brass, Mounth blown opaline spheres<br>Pendant rod length to order</li></ul>

Örsjö Hobo | Artilleriet | Inredning Göteborg

ORSJO Hobo : hobo is a lamp made of opaque blown glass formed into a basket construction of brass. the visible suspension rope makes the lamp flexible and portable.