ombre maracons

Macaroons in our wedding colors would be the perfect after-dinner accompaniment to our wedding cake.

Breakfast picnic

Lemon, Lime and Ginger Hazelnut Crunch Mousse (what a mouthful.) And some pretty vintage type.

Pink champagne and macarons

Sweet vintage champagne glasses are such a glam touch to any bridal shower! Pink champagne and macaroons are musts as well obviously

LOVELY romantic picnic

Perhaps on the back of an old truck instead. Just loving this picnic/summer theme!

Me and you

"It's the late and this upper class beauty brings her newlywed English rockstar husband for a weekend of love and joy at the family castle.

Cheers for us

Our table decor

You are tearrific

Gift idea: Fill a bag (or basket) with assorted teas, tea biscuits, a cute mug or two, and finish it off with a label like this. Tea crafty kids can do

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