wildflower editorial which I collaborated on with photographer Anouschka Rokebrand.as promised, a pretty DIY wildflower arrangement with gorgeous floral inspiration to kick start your week.

Wild Strawberries on a Straw//

A guide to celebrating Midsummer, Swedish style (my scandinavian home)


Sweden - Driving through the countryside is so beautiful. Lots of gorgeous birch trees.

Smultron på strå (Wild Strawberries on a straw) #sweden #wildstrawberries

Smultron på strå Waiting for threading wild strawberries into hay straw with my GrandDaughters: Isabella and Rosalina this summer

#Swedish forest

Jarnvidr(Iron wood) in Norse Mythology is a forest located east of Midgard.Troll woman inhabited Ironwood and bore giantness and large wolves