These Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers Yet. there are tha smallest and effitcive portable mobile charges in tha market and they are small

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Bicycle Safety Projector Innovative laser projector for your bicycle shows turn signals by projecting traffic signs onto the riders’ back makes cycling at night a lot safer.

This Man Accidentally Fed His Dog Mircale-Gro And Look What Happened!

Three-Dimensional Landscapes Formed with Layered Acrylic Photographs by Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Sometimes simple ideas lead to amazing results, and Lucas Zimmermann& photo series Traffic Lights is a perfect example of that. Lucas started the project in 2013 but now he& back with Traffic Lights and all of the images are oddly satisfying to look at.

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Professional Drywaller Creates Insanely Detailed Wall Sculptures—Using Joint Compound!