Jotuns kulör LADY 4477 Deco Blue tolkad av Plaza Interiör. Styling: Elin Hermansson Foto: Helén Pe

Cabinet painted with Jotun Deco Blue. Love these grey-blue hues!

We just love when you share pics from your homes with a Sandberg wallpaper on the wall ❤️ Thank you @sweetdreamphotography for this one with the wallpaper Ava from the collection Brunnsnäs. Go to to order a sample so you can see what a wallpaper will do to your room!

Sanberg wallpaper Ava from the collection Brunnsnäs.

Sanderson Wallpaper, Morris & Co Pimpernel, Bay Leaf / Manilla, 210388

Morris & Co Pimpernel, Brick / Olive, 210386

Sanderson Wallpaper, Morris & Co Pimpernel, Bay Leaf / Manilla, 210388 - hallen?

The perfect blue. Nina Holst; Soverom i fargen Jotun Lady 4477 Deco Blue.

The perfect blue (Stylizimo blog)

The moment I lay my eyes on Jotun Lady´s color 4477 Deco Blue, I knew right away that I had to find some walls for it in our house. It was the perfect blue that I had been looking for, and now that we

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old world and lovely prints vignette wall paper england

Första december är här och i helgen fick vårt hem sin beskärda del av julen. Jag har fått en del frågor om hur jag julpyntar så jag tänkte helt enkelt

Home of Johanna Bradford.

Traumhafte Tapete

Traumhafte Tapete

pigment wallpaper, borås tapeter

Graue Wandfarbe

Boråstapeter, has recently launched a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matte finishing, named PIGMENT.

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This is exactly what I want in my shoe area!

The perfect blue | Stylizimo Blog

The perfect blue

The perfect blue - Stylizimo

Vackert lantligt kök

blue / white/ cotton/ wood/ geranium flowers in terra-cotta pots on window sills

"LykkeLise": Gammeldags tapet

"LykkeLise": Gammeldags tapet

This will be in my summer houser. For sure. Maybe in the guest room. A bedroom anyhow.

Billedresultat for tapet med roser

Jotun solid

Jotun solid