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TRENCH COAT HISTORY, WW1 TRENCH COAT - Article Preview - Old Magazine

Trench coats: they were originally designed for British officers fighting in war. Burberry was the first to trademark the trench coat. Became a popular men's jacket during World War

15,000 watched Indian sepoys shot for revolting. This 800-strong garrison of Punjabi Muslims, who had a noble history of insurrection, was already deployed far from home to look after the imperial interests of the London gentry while British lads mustered for bayonet charges in No Man’s Lands. The last straw for these sepoys was a rumor that they were to be shipped to the European theater & made to turn their weapons against the Turkish sultan, their Muslim coreligionist.*

1915 Singapore Mutiny - More than 200 sepoys were tried by court-martial, and 47 were executed, including Kassim Mansoor. The public executions of convicted sepoy mutineers at Outram Road, Singapore, c.

INDIAN FORCES MIDDLE EAST (Q 79446)   On 15 December 1915 a British expeditionary force was besieged by a strong German-led Turkish army at Kut Al Amara on the Tigris River. The garrison, two thirds of which was Indian, surrendered on 29 April 1916. During the ensuing period of captivity in Anatolia many died from heat, disease and neglect. This emaciated sepoy was photographed after he had been liberated during an exchange of prisoners.

This photograph shows an emaciated Indian Army soldier who survived the Siege of Kut, first world war