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Lol my parents also noticed I don't read as much and asked me the same why not and I gave a similar response ;D too bad they don't know that in reality I'm reading super gay af stucky porn, and Star Wars smut and lots of fluff

My mom once asked me what I was reading and it was a really smuty Ereri fanfiction so I said something really similar to that. The problems started when she wanted the title to read it.

Animal Zone - watercolor animals

This is a collection of 45 watercolor animal silhouettes. They were painted in a wet watercolor technique. Great to use in logo design, business cards, avatars, birthday invitations, baby shower cards

Disturbing and Provocative Art, Plague doctors were individuals in the Middle Ages...

peripheral-visions: Tattoos I’ll never get but want adding this to my ever growing pile of plague mask references. I swear i’m going to get a plague mask tattoo one day. I just need to figure out how.