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Johnny Wallinder

Johnny Wallinder
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Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering, Space Ship, Space Station, Rolls Royce, Industrial Machine, Sci Fi Environment, Si Fi, Cyberpunk, Cool Things, All Alone, Aliens, Science, Board, Technology, Outer Space, Black People, Products, Spaceship

Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Parts, En Tout Genre, Design Reference, Robots, Sci Fi, Concept Art, Photoshop, Lucha Libre, Highlights, Frame, Science Fiction, Robotics, Robot, Conceptual Art

Mechanical Design, Robot Parts, Aerial Photography, Zbrush, Cyberpunk, Art Reference, Engineering, Designs, Sci Fi, Casual, Toys, Fit, Metal, Science Fiction, Technology

Mechanical Design, Mechanical Engineering, Hard Bodies, Core, Si Fi, Eagle, Spaceship, Cyberpunk, Robot, Wings, Highlights, Teak, Space Ship, Eagles, Craft Space, Robots, Space Shuttle, Spacecraft, Spaceships

Here is a look at the action cameras evolution and development throughout the history. First person to wear an action cam, first GoPro ever made and more.

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