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Gallery of La Sentinelle / NatureHumaine - 17

Foscarini launches Aplomb Large with a wide, flattened silhouette, which could be compared to a UFO, making it hard to believe that it's made of concrete.

A Super Thin Concrete Lamp From Foscarini

A Super Thin Concrete Lamp From Foscarini Several years ago, we featured the design process of the Aplomb pendant that Studio Lucidi & Pevere designed for Foscarini, and the Italian team is back with.

krzesło z naturalnego drewna i korka; finezyjne i proste jednocześnie More

Alexandre Caldas has designed for AROUNDtheTREE its Portuguese Roots Chair. The chair is inspired by its original 1953 model, the Goncgalo chair from Arcalo

Sectional lacquered glass wardrobe FITTED | Lacquered wardrobe - Poliform - design by Rodolfo Dordoni

Senzafine Fitted wardrobes, leaf opening, arena mat lacquered and reflecting transparent glass doors, piombo painted Volo handles. Onda pouf in removable 04 lava Merida fabric.

locator light – MARK TUCKEY

lime wash top with a painted base - options of different coloured bases. made up in american ash this table is oh so very affordable, go on. also available as locator dark.