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I am an artist that paint historic events. Now I am focused on old Gothenburg and it's history. I paint in oil mostly.
Armfeldts Karoliner 1719 Orginal by JonasComba

Swedish infantry marching at the Fortress of Narva, Great Northern War

Bohus Fastning 1600-tallet. (Orginal by JonasComba)

Bohus Fastning (Orginal by JonasComba)

Gustav II Adolf with Carl Bond (to the left) and Axel Oxenstierna (to the right) and his horse Streiff looking where to found .

I had to fix the round upper windows. Here is a smaller part of the big oilpainting.

Last charge. Stäket 1719. In Oil. Price 6500 SEK. Prints are aviable as well.

Last charge. Stäket In Oil. Prints are aviable as well.

Platypus, Gothenburg, Duck Billed Platypus

Modern Warfare, 18th Century, Ritter, Gothenburg, Military Uniforms, Sweden, Norte, Female Warriors, Soldiers

Swedish Carolean soldier, during the Great Northern War


Marstrand 1783. Artist Jonas Comba. In Oil. Sold. Prints are aviable.

Swedish navy and marines in Pomerania, Great Northern War

Ostindiefararen Götheborg gives a salut. Orginal sold. Selling prints.

Ostindiefararen Götheborg gives a salut.

Skansen Lejonet Early 1700. Oilpainting. Selling prints. Orginal is already sold.

Orginal is already sold.